CDT 2: Lordsburg to Silver City

The CDT goes right down Main Street through Lordsburg. Half way through town the Barber waved at us and asked if we wanted water. Even though there is not a single sign for the CDT in town there were still a few folks that knew about the trail.

The route out of town takes the highway north for about two miles. Now personally, I think paved-road walking has very little to do with thru-hiking and I generally avoid it, but since it was just a couple of miles we put one foot in front of the other and proceeded onward. While the radiant heat of the highway cooked me from below the sun cooked my brain from above. Occasionally a semi truck would pass by and shake my body back to reality.

After a couple of miles there was finally a small CDT sign encouraging us to crawl under a barbwire fence to go cross-country. I thought this a bit odd—that right off the highway, in an area where very few people know about the trail, there wasn’t a gate to access the trail as crawling under the fence right along the main highway sort of shouts out trespasser instead of CDT hiker.

We spent the night on the dry cracked desert floor and were greeted with a few sprinkles of rain in the morning. From here the route took us up into the Burro Mountains leaving the desert and the heat behind us. It was refreshing to be in the trees again and the miles passed by quickly.

About half way through the Burro Mountains the CDT began to follow an actual trail for the very first time. We spent the night in a cattle corral. It was surely the worst possible place to sleep, but I think we were so tired when we arrived at the cattle tank (water) that we just didn’t have the energy to think about it.

Before leaving the Burro Mountains the trail goes up and over Big Burro Mountain to an elevation of 8000 feet. We took the Deadman’s Canyon trail to the dirt road that leads to to highway and within five minutes we had a ride into to Silver City.

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