CDT 3: Silver City to Gila Hot Springs

After a great zero (zero hiking miles for a day) with some wonderful trail angels in Silver City we headed back to the trail off of Bear Mountain road. Near Devil’s Garden, a rocky area much like Chiricahua National Monument, we met a guy who had been living the woods there for 15 years—an interesting character that told us all about the trail sections he had built, the condition of upcoming trail, and where we could find water.

We made it to the Gila River where the miles went by so slowly. In two days we crossed the Gila 59 times (and our upcoming section has another 85 crossings). We arrived at Doc Campbell’s outpost after they had closed, but much to the relief of our hungry tummies a lovely lady opened the store so we could get our resupply boxes. I felt like a kid at Christmas with a box full of treasures. We stayed at the nearby hot springs campground and soaked until our muscles came back to life.

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