The Journey Home

After our section on the Hayduke we headed to New Mexico to climb a few more NM county highpoints; Beautiful Mountain, Mt Taylor (one we had climbed while thru-hiking the CDT, but didn’t get a picture),  and Alejandro 9166 (near Mt Taylor). From the Summit of Taylor we saw the beautiful Rio Puerco Valley and Cabezon Peak, a peak I fell in love with on the CDT and decided, though not a county highpoint, that we needed to climb it, and so we did.

The quest to climb little bumps and giants in the sky always feels like a journey home, perhaps because it is often a journey inward, one of letting go, and embracing my connection to the land, the sky, and all that surrounds a place: the mountain, like a castle in the sky. In just a few short days my affection for New Mexico was rekindled, perhaps partially from my nostalgia and love of the CDT, but it really is an enchanted land.

Beautiful Mountain is the slight rise you can see on the mesa of cliffs on the horizon.

Sunrise at the base of Beautiful Mountain

Sunset, near the CDT, between Mt Taylor and Alejandro 9166.

Cabezon Peak

Taking some time to capture my experience at Cabezon Peak

voellmer_mountains-and-canyons-25x18-smMountains and Canyons, 25″x18″, mixed media on canvas. Inspired by my recent time in Utah.



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