Stories Coming Soon…

While I’ve had my next blog post nearly finished for more than a month now, I’ve been resistant to completing it. I’ve made a lot of excuses to myself: “I’ll finish it after we get to the next town. I just need one more rest day.” Over and over I made these excuses. But it was never any of that stopping me from finishing the last few lines.

As I sit in my studio, back home in Arizona now, still not having completed my last posts from Ecuador and Peru, I’m realizing that my resistance wasn’t to the time it takes to do a blog post, it’s to the idea that writing it all down will force me to acknowledge that it’s over (for now anyway). We’ll go back, someday, when it’s not the rainy season, and continue our ride south, but probably in smaller time chunks, as being away from home for so long, is just that, too long.

I just wanted to post this short update to let you know the rest of the stories are coming…

Stormy light in the mountains the day we returned home…


Our first morning home we woke to fresh snow…


…more from our ride south coming soon…



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  1. You had a truly incredible ride. The length of Mexico, alone, was worthy of devoted readership. Opening our eyes to the wonders of Colombia and a wide swath of Ecuador has been equally worthy. Do what you need to do, to catch up with AZ life. I would even be delighted to visit you, however briefly, as I am six hours away, in Prescott. Needless to say, the remaining Ecuador posts and those from Peru, are much anticipated.


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