CURRENT GEAR for Bikepacking from Arizona to Argentina


  • Advocate Cycles: Seldom Seen.
  • Stans: ZTR Major, no tubes 27.5″ wheels.
  • Terrene Tires: Chunk (tough), tubeless, 27.5 x 3″.
  • Ergon: GP5 hand grips.
  • Brooks: Cambium C19.
  • Specialized: Bennies Platform Pedals


    • Revelate Designs: front roll harness.
    • Tillak: Kiwanda 20L drybag/backpack.
    • Little River Packs: Flow Fanny Pack (custom, with 2 daisy chains added for attaching to my handlebars with auxiliary straps).
    • Revelate Designs: Mountain Feedbag (2).
    • Revelate Designs: Gas Tank Jerry Can.
  • FRAME:
    • Homemade partial frame bags (2) [hand-sewn while on tour, from an old worn-out Revelate Designs SaltyRoll and Gas Tank].
    • Sea to Summit: 20L Dry River Bag.


    • DOWNTUBE: King Cage: Manything Cage.
    • FRONT FORKS: King Cage: Manything Cage (2).
    • HANDLEBAR TOP MOUNT: King Cage: Iris King Cage.
    • REAR RACK: Ratking Frames/Tumbleweed Bikes: T-Rack
    • REAR CAGES: King Cage: Manything Cage (2) [mounted to rack].

    BIKE STUFF: tools, spare parts, etc

    • Voile Straps
    • Cable and lock.
    • Planet Bike: Super flash taillight.
    • Cateye: Enduro Cycle computer.
    • Lezyne: Microfloor HVG Pump (8 oz).
    • Multitools: Lezyne V10 (3.6 oz), and Leatherman PS4 (1.9 oz).
    • Tire boots, tire plugs, chain lube, rag, presta to schrader adapter, gorilla tape, tenacious tape, needle & thread, shoegoo, tire levers.
    • Tubeless sealant.
    • Tubolito inner tube & patch kit.
    • Spare brake pads, quick links, cables, spokes, valves, derailleur hanger, and a few bolts.
    • Fiskers small scissors.



    • Giro: Hex helmet.
    • Dabrim: Classic Visor (attached to helmet).
    • Bike gloves.
    • Luna Sandals: OSO 2.0
    • Native Eyewear: Sidecar Sunglasses (and spare lenses).


    • Enlightened Equipment, Convert Down Quilt/Sleeping Bag 10°F (25.5 oz).
    • Cocoon, hyperlight air-core pillow (2.4 oz).
    • EVA foam yoga mat.
    • Zpacks: Duplex tent, listed under shared gear.


    • Klean Kanteen, single-wall bottles, 64 oz and 27.5 oz.
    • Tillak, Metolius 18 oz insulated bottle.
    • Platypus, 1L Softbottle (2 @ 1.2 oz each)
    • Valtcan, 450ml titanium cup, with lid (2.5 oz).
    • Opinel Knife (No8), small (1.5 oz).
    • Sea to Summit, Alpha Light Spoon short (0.3 oz).
    • Keychain style can opener.
    • 2 Mini binder clips (for keeping food packages closed).


    • Toothbrush (cut down).
    • Uncle Harry’s Natural Tooth Powder (I keep a small amount in a plastic contact lens holder with my toothbrush, and some extra in a ziploc).
    • floss.
    • piece of comb.
    • piece of eyeliner.
    • lip balm with carabiner (2).
    • ear swabs.
    • toilet paper.
    • nail clippers.
    • Lena, menstrual cup.
    • REI mini multi-towel. (0.8 oz)
    • Small piece of cloth (~6 in sq) for washing my face at the end of the day.
    • 3 oz bottle with olive oil (I use olive oil on my skin; it’s easier to travel with than coconut oil. It’s also makes a great addition to food that is prepared cold, like salads, or cold-soaked oats or couscous).


    • Arnica salve.
    • Arnica tablets.
    • Betadine.
    • Rubbing alcohol.
    • Echinacea.
    • Probiotics.
    • Electrolytes.
    • Sea salt.
    • Various herbs: turmeric, ginger, cloves, oregano (depends on what I can find).


    • Shorts.
    • Tank top.
    • Northface, Sunshirt.
    • Haglofs, Essens Mimic Jacket, with hood (synthetic).
    • Patagonia, lightweight long sleeve zip neck shirt (3.6 oz).
    • Tatoo, lightweight, full zip, polartec hoodie.
    • Darn Tough, Micro crew cushion wool socks (altered to tabi).
    • Smartwool, short lightweight wool socks (altered to tabi).
    • Smartwool, leg warmers (they were actually arm-warmers, but I cut the tightest cuff off so I can use them as leg warmers instead).
    • Seirus, Stormsock (altered to tabi).
    • Thin liner socks (for sleeping).
    • Underarmour, Coldgear Tactical Leggings (~6 oz).
    • Patagonia, Cap 1 leggings.
    • Terramar, fleece leggings (for sleeping).
    • Homemade ultra-sil raingear (~6 oz), includes jacket, chaps, tabi booties, mittens [I sent the skirt home].
    • Marmot, Precip rain jacket.
    • Homemade softshell mittens.
    • Light gloves.
    • Buff, polar (1.5 oz).
    • Buff, half (0.5 oz).
    • 1 pair underwear.
    • 2 sports bras.


    • Gossomer Gear, ~35L Kumo Backpack (17.45 ounces) [I sent this home, but plan to retrieve it at a later date].
    • Bandana.
    • An assortment of silnylon stuff sacks.
    • Sunhat.
    • Homemade silnylon wallet and cordura stuffsack purse, credit cards, ID, and passport.


    • Steripen, Ultra water purifier, UV light (4.8 oz), charges via USB.
    • Petzl, Elite (mini flashlight, 1 ounce) and spare batteries.
    • Petzl, Zipka headlamp.
    • iPhone 8 Plus.
    • Small 2 port wall charger.
    • Sandisk, MP3 Sansa Clip.
    • Headphones.
    • Charge cords.
    • Anker, 10000mAh powerbank.
    • Anker, 21W dual USB solar charger [I’ve currently sent this home, but I may retrieve it later].
    • Yichumy, Phone SD card reader [I use SD cards to store photos I’ve edited with my phone. It’s like an external hard drive for my phone].
    • Several SD cards (stored in an Altoids mini tin).
    • Sony NEX 5T camera (charges via USB).
    • Spare camera battery.
    • Camera brush, blower, cleaning cloth.


    • A few sheets of paper.
    • A few colors of paint and a few pencils.
    • Brushes, cut down, (2).
    • Princeton, Catelyst tool (cut down).


    • SteinCo.: Mini Cassette Lock.
    • 2 personal sized cuben fiber ground sheets.
    • ZPacks Cuben Fiber Duplex Tent (19 oz).
    • 2 carbon fiber tent poles (5 oz).
    • 8 aluminum v-style tent stakes (2.7 oz).


    • iPhone: using GPS apps and map PDF’s.
    • MapOut app.
    • Gaia GPS (classic) app.
    • Google maps, for more urban routes where signal is available.
    • Occasional paper maps & route descriptions.